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I am stuck and don't know what to do next



  • Pennyforeman

    I have try the suggestions. None worked. I have been sitting in the library for 24 hours. No activity

  • Miriam Burke

    I have tried the diary, I have watched SIX f*ing videos to get TWO clues and have used both clues! Both pointed to the same spot and I clicked there and nothing happened! I’m still in the cavern! Y’all need to get your shit together and fix something. Something is obviously wrong and MULTIPLE PEOPLE are having issues with this because ONLY 78 out of 547 said your suggestions were helpful!!! Like seriously people…if you want us to play your game, you have to MAKE IT PLAYABLE first! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Funny Girls

    Murder by Choice, 81085c7d8163d1ce, 6370f579964cbacffbc51fc9, ADSYSTEM ID 81085c7d8163d1ce, VERSION 2.2.2(1199), ANDROID 13, M2101K6G, ENERGY 200, CH37@BABBBBBBBBBBBAABBBABAB

    there was a problem when completing the mission. according to the instructions in the bunker, they were directed to search for the panel, but it is impossible to perform any action in the room indicated in the hint. therefore, it is not possible to continue the story.

  • Alexandra Stone

    cant get past the lighthouse.

    Murder by Choice, ef309f7034a94382362afefdf966a5eddb61c847, 64dfdda9a1127764a843ff1c, ADSYSTEM ID ef309f7034a94382362afefdf966a5eddb61c847, VERSION 2.3.0(1362), IOS 17.0, iPhone14,3, ENERGY 110, CH15@BBABBAABBABA

  • Viktoriya

    My internet connection crashed when I’m looked comics and rn I'm stuck in the bunker control room
    I used a clue, it showed me to go through a door BUT IT WONT OPEN
    Help me, please
    Murder by Choice, 7b82861fbe061427c04661ef7fa9e41dc5ea398c, 649b665d88c5bdc20ca11bee, ADSYSTEM ID 7b82861fbe061427c04661ef7fa9e41dc5ea398c, VERSION 2.3.1(1410), IOS 16.6, iPhone15,2, ENERGY 56, CH29@AABAAABBBBBBAAAAAAAA


  • Chrissy Beckstrom

    I’m stuck towards the end of the game. I ran out of energy had to leave the game. When I got back in I cannot complete the next level. Ruben is no longer in the game with the screwdriver.
    Murder by Choice, c9c48d09f03203c53da4b6d7c3d2da1c0a802727, 65186190fa4d9b6a452e1c56, ADSYSTEM ID c9c48d09f03203c53da4b6d7c3d2da1c0a802727, VERSION 2.3.2(1470), IOS 17.0.3, iPad13,1, ENERGY 586, CH37@BBABBBABASBAAAABABABAB

  • Montserrat Albarrán

    I'm stuck in the library

    Murder by Choice, e870bd3da3b742e0, 64c1be0844c3b624fdc279b1, ADSYSTEM ID e870bd3da3b742e0, VERSION 2.3.2(1278), ANDROID 13, 2109119DG, ENERGY 200, CH31@ABABABBBBBABABABBBBAB

  • Ortliebamber

    I'm stuck at the bridge. I fixed it but can't cross it to the ruins and Portia is gone.
    Murder by Choice, f7962655f13a4544, 6590a04a0f715b0cb4ea6582, ADSYSTEM ID f7962655f13a4544, VERSION 2.3.3(1299), ANDROID 11, SM-A705MN, ENERGY 224, CH11@BABBBAAA

  • MacKenzie Hosmer

    I can not find the last cat, I have gotten them all but it keeps saying I haven’t

  • Jimenadem Salazar

    I’m stuck in the lighthouse


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