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How to get more energy?



  • Darcy Summers214

    Murder by Choice it says to let you know if there is any improvements you can make to the game. You need to fix the energy problem before you say we can get free energy from achievements or Facebook it still isn't enough. It takes over 24 hours to get the 200 energy then that has gone in less than 10 minutes, either things need to cost less to do 10 energy for every comment, 30 energy to speak to someone, 5 energy for each object you find, 50 energy for some tasks it's ridiculous. Or make the game available to purchase with the need to buy energy just be able to play the full game, or maybe let the energy bar fill up quicker, have energy hidden around the game ect there's so many ways to make it better for everyone. It was the same issue with Murder in the Alps I loved that game but I spent over £100 playing it, I refuse to do it again no game is worth that much 🤦🏻‍♀️ fix the issue please.

  • Renee

    I100% agree with Darcy Summers 214!!!

  • Tate

    I third that, you can’t earn energy fast enough to enjoy the game

  • ayesha1120

    Yes I agree it takes the fun out of the game and makes you want to play it less or not at all. Wonder why I gave up on alps In the mountains!

  • Marius


    We would like to sincerely thank you for voicing your concerns regarding our energy system.

    Our team is collecting this feedback so we can improve our game!

  • Kblye410

    Please fix the amount of energy it takes to do anything. It really isn't fair to make us wait so long to get the energy and it take 1 mini game and half a convo to use up all the energy I spent quite a bit of money on this game as well and energy just spends to fast. But I truly want to finish this !

  • Harley

    Today three months completed after the last comment about energy
    And you guys doesn't fix it yet please do it fast
    Game is so good have nice graphics but earning energy is worst
    Please fix it


    I was expecting so much from this game it looked promising and it is!! But honestly the energy system is ridiculous. I’m fan of Nancy Drew’s games this one reminds me of them, but I won’t spend near 4 usd for 750 points of energy just to spend them in five seconds. It’s too expensive and actions take too much energy

  • Emma

    Was coming here to complain about the lack of energy and the amount time it takes to get it back but looking at these comments looks like nothing is getting done to improve game play as these comments were made over a year ago  poor show Nordcurrent

  • Frances Morrison

    I agree, very disappointing having to wait such a long time for energy to renew- then it runs out too quickly. I can’t find any adverts to watch ( although that is also annoying) . Please fix this before everyone gives up on the gane


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